Upside Risk n. 09 - Sanità sostenibile (copertina)

March/April 2017

Sustainable healthcare – In 2000 the over-65s were 18%, in 2015 they were 22%, and at the same time average life expectancy rose from 79.8 to 82.3 years.

This figure is inevitably an indicator of the growth in demand for long-term and chronic health care, and is associated with the slowdown in the country’s GDP over the years, which has even turned negative since 2008.

We have received contributions relating to the evolution of the health insurance sector, the private pharmacy system as a healthcare facility and telemedicine as a technologically advanced way of facilitating diagnosis and treatment while reducing costs.

Upside Risk’s philosophy is always to take the positive side of a risk situation, and in this case we have decided to measure ourselves against a major social risk, proposing a perspective that contains practicable hints of reasonable optimism.