Upside Risk n. 12 - Protezione e risparmio (copertina)

January/February 2018

Today, there is a clear need for civic and financial education: everyone is called upon to assess and understand his or her own risk profile in terms of medium – to long-term life prospects and to prepare a personal strategic plan that combines the concepts of protection and welfare by using a wide range of instruments to supplement public welfare systems.

The insurance industry in this context can look at the topic as an opportunity with a necessary innovative vision of the offer.

We wanted to make a pragmatic contribution by collecting the opinions of financial and insurance market operators with their respective current visions of savings and protection, addressing the innovative topic of PIR (individual savings plans).

Finally, we paid particular attention to the alarming phenomenon of dormant policies: 4 million life insurance policies that have expired and have not been cashed in because the beneficiaries are unaware of their existence. (Source IVASS – Report on investigation into dormant policies)